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This website has been created to facilitate public input and provide facts about the US 50  Expressway Project process and schedule. We invite you to explore this website and provide your comments and recommendations regarding the study through our Contact Us page.

Public Information Meeting (PIM) Held on
July 30 and 31, 2012.

Attendees had an opportunity to review and comment on the roadway and access options. Other items that were on display at the meeting include: the project limits, Community Advisory Group activities, updated project schedule, Project Purpose and Need, and other engineering and environmental project details including preliminary interchange design.  

View the meeting exhibits here.

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CAG #2 PhotosPublic Involvement is an interactive process that provides information to the public so they may make informed decisions and offer important input into the solutions that address the community's concerns. A public involvement program has been designed to encourage your participation throughout the study.

Please note that the US 50 Expressway Project website is continuously being updated and we appreciate your patience while we strive to create a site that provides project details, photos, maps, and more in a timely manner. Check back periodically for website updates. The Illinois Department of Transportation looks forward to your input and support throughout this project.